next gigs


10-09-22 Tribute night, OJC Cartouche, America

19-11-22 Lago Beach, Zülpich (D) met TresHombres

past gigs


16-04-22 Easter Tribute Festival, BreakOut, Horst

08-01-22 Café de Buun, Horst - CANCELLED -


30-10-21 Café Pierke, Panningen


14-11-20 Lago Beach Tribute Festival, Zülpich (D).

with Back to Back (Status Quo ) and AC/DC Bon Scotch (AC/DC). Timetable tba - CANCELLED -

07-02-20 Cafe de Buun, Horst

01-*02-20 Canix All Stars, Soos Canix, Lottum!


29-11-19 Soos Plock, Volkel

26-10-19 Boemelweekend, Anja van de Smid, Horst

25-08-19 Kermis aan de Maas, Broekhuizen, 18:00 uur

16-03-19  Cafe Spektakel, Asten


22-12-18 Tributefestival, de Hopbel, Schijndel

07-12-18 de Pul, Uden. With Best Of Foo

10-03-18 Café Kleuskens, Meterik


30-12-17 de Pul, Uden


26-08-16 Tributefestival, festivalterrein America

06-03-16  de Zwaan, Heeswijk, (Legends Of Rock)

26-03-16  Lago Beach, Zülpich (D) met TresHombres

27-04-16  de Machinist, Oss

30-04-16  Cafe Buitenlust, Landhorst


21-11-15  Boëms Jeu, America

02-08-15  Festival Beatz & Bandz , Lottum


20-12-14  de Buun, Horst (farewell to Freddo and John)

16-07-14   Backstage, Nijmegen (4-daagse)

11-10-14   Café Boëms, America

12-04-14   Cartouche, America

11-01-14   Backstage, Nijmegen


07-12-13   de Buun, Horst

14-09-13   Cel3, America


28-12-12   Miez-D, Horst

17-11-12   Blok 10, Horst

19-05-12   American Rock Experience, America

21-04-12   de Buun, Horst

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Live and Dangerous

Do you want the feel of a true Lizzy concert...

The harmonics of the solo guitars, the pumping bass, the roaring drums....

You want the next best thing?

Here's Philo!

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21-08-22 New dates set. Check our agenda!

22-10-21 This will probably be the last time Philo will play at Café de Buun in Horst. Saturday januari 16, 2022....The end of an era..... Owners Mart and Marij, thanks for the good times and we wish you all the best!

27-09-21 And another gig coming up! On april 16 2022 we will be playing the Easter Tribute Festival at BreakOut in Horst.

With Muse.nl and Yada Yada (Herman Brood tribute)

10-09-21 Finally, after all this Corona madness we can climb the stage again on 30-10-21 at Café Pierke in Panningen!!

20-09-21 We are sorry to anounce that the Lago Beach Zülpich Festival onnovember 14 2020 is cancelled due to Corona measures. A new date will be set.

08-03-20 Just confirmed: 14 november 2020 Lago Beach Zülpich Festival with Status Quo Tribute Back to Back and AC/DC Tribute Bon Scotch. timetable tba

27-01-20 Philo will play a show at the Canix All Stars festival in Lottum substituting Chantilly lace

06-09-19 There you go.... new dates set already. Let's keep it coming!


As expected the first gig with Lennart went really well!

First we're gonna expand our setlist.

We are looking forward to the next gig..


Date and place for our first gig with our new singer Lennart is set for august 25th at the Kermis aan de Maas festival in Broekhuizen (open air).

Don't miss this!


Well, that escalated quickly...  the first gig with our new line-up is set for august 25th.Time and place to be announced

Keep you posted!!


We are proud to announce we have found reinforcement  in Lennart Huijs on vocals!.

We are working hard to get ready and we're convinced you'll be hearing from us again in no time!

Keep you posted...


Sad news..... Our lead singer Francis has decided he can no longer combine the band with his other projects.. Although we regret this deeply we understand this of course and wish him all the best.

Come and say farewell on our last gig together  coming Saturday in Asten.


The tributefestival on march 16th is cancelled for Philo. Instead we will play at cafe Spektakel in Asten


Just confirmed... on dec 7th 2018 we will play at de Pul, Uden together with Foo Fighters tribute Best Of Foo (a.o.)


dec 22th 2018 we wil play the tributefestival at Grandcafe de Hopbel in Schijndel (NB). With Purple Strangers (Deep Purple) and Virgin (Rainbow)


And another one.... New date set: March 16, 2019  we will play a tributefestival (TBA)

Keep you posted!


New date set: It's just been confirmed... Dec 14, 2018 we'll play a tributefestival (TBA)

Keep you posted!


New date set: March 10, 2018 we play at  Café Kleuskens, Meterik


Our gig at soos Plock in Volkel will be postponed. New date will be set.

Instead we will play a tributefestival at de Pul in Uden with Black Pearl (Pearl Jam) and Best Of Foo (Foo Fighters).

See you all at de Pul!!


New date set: 30th of December we play at soos Plock in Volkel


New date set: 26th of august we will be playing a tributefestival in America (NL) together with our friends of TresHombres. Other names T.B.A.


We have joined forces with some other bands to be booked as a package:

Heritage (AC/DC ) and Black Wizard (Black Sabbath) and TresHombres (ZZ Top).

So contact us and book your own tribute festival. For more info click here...


Check out our new video's in our Mediapage


We welcome our new Guitarplayer Jeroen Rijkers to Philo.

Wanna shake hands? Come to our show on sat 21 sept in America (Boëms Jeu)

Stay tuned for more...


The first gig with our new band members is set for august 2nd 2015. We will play at the Beatz and Bandz festival in Lottum. (Bandz stage, 19:00 hrs)

Don't miss it!


We are proud to announce we have found reinforcement  in  Francis van der Hoff on vocals and Dave Bos  on guitar.

We are working hard to break them in and

we're convinced you'll be hearing from us again in no time!

Keep you posted...


We regret to announce the departure of Freddo and Johnny from Philo....

Due to personal reasons they have decided they can no longer be part of our band.

We will play their farewell gig at cafe de Buun in Horst on dec 20.

Not to worry though... help is on the way!

Keep you posted....